Mère loup

Travel through the seasons, whenever they change
May you hold til summer when the colors are so strange
See I’ve found a treasure at the bottom of the sea
May I hold my breath til the autumn of my years
While you were hunting wolves I was gathering the dead leaves
While you were coming home I was petrified at the movies
You said you were inside when the house burned, when the house burned down
You said you were inside and the fire ate your skin
Oh mum help us all
The time of our singing, in your left eye in motion
Flames were dancing or was it just the reflection
Of someone burning, everyone burning
Everyone, everything Everyone, everything
Reversing, reverse Don’t burn Don’t burn.

Mère loup
comment (4)

  1. precious. Merci.

  2. Les gars, j’écoute presque jamais de pop (suis plutôt jazz-impro-free-rock), mais votre musique est AHURISSANTE. Je desespérais d’écouter un groupe français intéressant, mais vous êtes beaucoup plus qu’intéressants.
    Merci pour le grand art.
    P.S : vous devriez penser à enregistrer un disque acoustique avec instrumentation minimale. les sessions Cargo sur youtube sont très émouvantes.

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